Black Bear Hunt

About the Hunt

Although the Spring bear hunt officially starts the middle of April, our first hunt is in the middle of May. The reason for this, is because there is still too much snow in the woods for proper baiting and a lot of bears are not out of their dens in April. The average adult black bear weighs anywhere from 300-600 pounds.

Approximately 30 sites are maintained. These baits are started three weeks prior to the hunt and re-baited daily. All baits are located within 20 miles radius of the camps.

There is a limit of 9 hunters/week and

We are located in the top county for success!
85% Success Rate • 100% Sightings

Spring Bear Season:

5 Day Hunt
Contact for pricing

Rifle, Compound, Long or Cross Bow
May & June

Fall Bear Season:

5 Day Hunt
Contact for pricing

Rifle, Compound, Long or Crossbow


The best small mouth bass fishing in North America is available at no extra charge


With the purchase of a Bear licence, you can also hunt Coyote (No Limit)

Other Services Provided

  • Bear skinning, processing (double wrapped), and cold storage
  • Taxidermist available 24/7
  • All-terrain vehicles for camp use
  • Approximately 30 ladder stands
  • Ground stands available
  • Self-climbing stands

Young Hunters

12 year-old hunters are eligible to purchase a Non-Resident Bear Licence if accompanied by an adult.

They must show proof of a hunter’s safety course. If hunting with a bow they must show proof of a bow hunting course.